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SVAR Kanban helps you integrate a modern task and workflow management system to your web project. Written entirely with React.

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React Kanban Board You Need

We are happy to offer lighting-fast, easy-to-use React UI components. We plan to release our React Kanban component in the near future so you will be able to add an effective task and workflow management tool to your web app.

UI concept for our React Kanban board


Cutting-edge Features of SVAR React Kanban

Efficient workflow tool

With our well-designed React Kanban board, you can manage the entire workflow by dividing tasks into any number of categories, prioritizing tasks, assigning tasks to team members and tracking their completion using deadlines and intuitive progress indicators.


SVAR Kanban's extensive API offers many ways to style cards, including changing their shape, cover image, color top line and other aspects. We've included CSS variables to style the Kanban toolbar, editor, and board. Even the scrollbar can be modified.

Simple task creation and editing

SVAR Kanban allows you to create and manage unlimited tasks. You can easily edit names and descriptions of tasks, determine priority, color-code cards, change the progress, set start and end dates, and assign team members for each task.

Move, sort and search tasks

With our React Kanban component, users can drag and drop tasks across columns and swiftly find the needed task by its label or description. It's also possible to sort the cards in ascending or descending order.

Additional Advantages of Our React Kanban Board

Integration with other components

Create a complex project management tool by combining Kanban widget with SVAR Gantt chart, Calendar and To Do List. Synchronize tasks between the components and get an advanced task management system.

Integration with other components

Touch-based interactions

All SVAR React Kanban functions work on touch devices of any screen size, which makes it easy to access it at any time on desktop or mobile devices. You can quickly select a card by tapping on it, edit its description and move it to the desired column with drag-n-drop.

Touch-based interactions

Rich features for complex projects

You can adjust sorting options, boost performance with lazy rendering, and add a separate scroll bar to any Kanban column. To highlight high-priority tasks, mark them with brighter color and, if needed, comment on the tasks.

Rich features for complex projects

Help is here. Choose the most suitable option and let us make your journey with SVAR components even more seamless.

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