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React Gantt Chart

SVAR Gantt is a React UI component that helps you easily integrate an elegant and fast-performing Gantt chart into your web app.

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Why SVAR React Gantt Chart?

100% React solution

SVAR Gantt chart is built entirely with React and seamlessly integrates with any backend. It brings high performance, interactivity and responsiveness to project and tasks visualization.

Customizable and flexible

Easily tailor the Gantt chart to suit your specific needs, from task bars to timeline rows, columns, task edit form, and beyond. SVAR Gantt offers rich customization capabilities provided by a rich API and flexible CSS styling options.


SVAR Gantt's optimized rendering engine and dynamic loading feature seamlessly handle even the most extensive datasets, ensuring smooth performance without sacrificing speed.

Easy to interact

Experience interactive and user-friendly interface of SVAR Gantt chart. Change task start and duration with drag-n-drop, define dependencies right on the timescale, zoom in/out, and click tasks for editing and detailed information.

Well documented

Quickly integrate SVAR Gantt into your project with help of extensive and well organized documentation, API references, and how-to guides. Need assistance? Our dedicated support team is always ready to help you.

Responsive and touch-friendly

SVAR Gantt is designed to adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices. It ensures stable and consistent performance on both desktop and touch screens.

More SVAR Gantt Chart Features

Simple tasks editing

With a simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can resize and drag task bars directly on the timeline, or reorder tasks within the grid. Additionally, simple edit form activates by double-clicking on a task bar or task row in the grid. The form can be fully customized to match your requirements.

Simple tasks editing

Managing task dependencies

You can easily establish predecessor-successor relationships and ensure the correct sequencing of tasks. Alternatively, you can describe the task dependencies and relationships within the task edit form. Our React Gantt chart also supports tree view structure and the creation of subtasks to break down complex projects into manageable components.

Managing task dependencies

Customizing interface language

Localization in SVAR Gantt involves more than simply translating static text. You have the flexibility to provide custom translations for various elements, including actions such as add/edit/delete, button labels, confirmation messages, task edit form fields, etc.

Customizing interface language

Toolbar and context menu

SVAR React Gantt chart provides a convenient and intuitive toolbar to add, delete, rearrange, and edit tasks. Optionally, you can enable the context menu to allow users to manage tasks on the timeline.

Toolbar and context menu

Organizing project timeline

You can color-highlight holidays, weekends, and non-working hours. In addition, our React Gantt chart allows you to add marks to the timeline, visually indicating significant dates such as the current day, project start or end days, or any other important milestones or deadlines.

Organizing project timeline

Personalizing Gantt chart's appearance

SVAR Gantt offers a wide range of customization options and 3 ready-to-use skins: Material, Willow and Dark. You can customize task bars' color/form for various task types, like highlighting urgent tasks in red. Adjust cell size, borders, and more for seamless integration with your application.

Personalizing Gantt chart's appearance

UI concept for the React Gantt Chart


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