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Fast-Performing Vue
UI Components

Build engaging and responsive Vue web interfaces with SVAR components. Accelerate web development with our UI library or integrate professional UI widgets for advanced functionality.

Also available for:

Currently in development

Vue DataGrid
SVAR DataGrid is a powerful and versatile data table component. It offers dynamic loading, optimized rendering, and essential features for interactive datagrids, including inline editing, sorting, context menu, fixed columns, export to CSV, and more.
Vue UI Core Library
SVAR Vue Core is your go-to library for creating modern and responsive web apps. It provides a comprehensive collection of ready-made UI elements, allowing you to build beautiful and functional interfaces effortlessly. Enjoy it for free under the MIT license!

Benefits of SVAR Vue UI components

Easy start
Begin your journey with SVAR UI components easily: explore comprehensive documentation, API reference, and step-by-step instructions to create stunning, adaptive web interfaces.
Native integration with Vue
SVAR components are built with Vue at their core, ensuring seamless integration with Vue ecosystem, as well as with a wide range of JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and backend technologies.
Customization capabilities
Tailor the components' look and behavior to match your requirements. Robust customization capabilities give you the freedom to take full control over the appearance and functionality.
Blazing-fast performance
Experience seamless handling of large data volumes with SVAR Vue components. Enjoy industry-leading rendering speed for a seamless and responsive user experience.
Cross-platform support
SVAR components seamlessly adapt to desktop and touch screens, ensuring smooth performance across different devices. Experience full cross-platform support and responsive layout adjustments based on screen size.
Professional support team
SVAR Vue UI components are backed by committed professional technical support. Connect with a SVAR community on our forum, or get help from our official tech support team for expert guidance.

What's next for SVAR Vue

We're preparing to launch new ready-to-use Vue UI widgets soon, packed with advanced functionality, high performance, and an intuitive, user-friendly experience.

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