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UI Components

SVAR components help you create interactive and dynamic React-based web interfaces. Speed up your web development by using our UI library or add advanced functionality with our professionally made UI widgets.

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React DataGrid
SVAR DataGrid is a high-performance data table component, equipped with dynamic loading and optimized rendering capabilities. It includes all essential features for an interactive datagrid, such as sorting, inline editing, context menu, fixed columns, and more.
React UI Core Library
SVAR UI Core library offers a collection of ready-made elements for building sleek, modern web apps with ease. Being 100% React, SVAR Core is empowering you to create interactive interfaces adaptable to any device. Use it completely for free under MIT license!

Why choose SVAR components?

Get started easily
Take a quick start with SVAR UI components: browse our well crafted documentation, API reference and follow step-by-step instructions to start building modern looking, responsive web UIs.
Take control over look and feel
With robust customization capabilities, you have the freedom to tailor the components' appearance and behavior to fully match your development requirements.
Enjoy 100% React
SVAR components are written natively with React in mind and can be effortlessly integrated with various JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and backend technologies.
Try blazing fast performance
Empower your web applications to effortlessly handle big volumes of data, as SVAR React UI components guarantee the market's top rendering speed for smooth user experience.
Use on desktop or touch screens
With full cross-platform and touch screen support, you can be sure that your SVAR-based web app runs smoothly on different devices. The components are aligned adaptively based on the screen size.
Get help from professionals
Our React UI components come with dedicated professional technical support. Engage with your fellow developers on the forum for questions and insights or use the help of our official tech support team.

SVAR React UI components

We're planning to introduce the following React components shortly so you'll be able to use ready made, well-tested UI blocks instead of developing this functionality from scratch.

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