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Streamline project management with top-notch interactive SVAR Vue Gantt chart. Plan, schedule, and track tasks with ease!

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Key Features of SVAR Vue Gantt

Built with Vue.js

Written with Vue, this SVAR Gantt chart works seamlessly with any backend and helps to create a well-designed, fast and interactive project visualization interface.

Easy to start with

Effortlessly add a Gantt chart to your webpage in minutes. Detailed documentation, comprehensive API references, and dedicated support ensure you a smooth integration process with assistance at every stage.

Highly customizable

Intuitively adjust the Gantt chart's look to your taste, using its powerful API and styling capabilities. Customize task bars, rows, columns, edit forms, and more to match your project's needs.

Fast, even with big datasets

Powered by an optimized rendering engine and dynamic loading capabilities, SVAR Gantt delivers unparalleled performance. Whether you're navigating through extensive datasets or editing tasks on the fly, Gantt chart ensures a smooth user experience.

Interactive interface

Experience interactive features with SVAR Gantt: use drag-and-drop to reorder tasks in the list or move task bars on the timeline, zoom the chart with the mouse wheel, enable toolbar or context menu.

Responsive and mobile ready

You can use this Gantt chart across a wide range of screen sizes and devices. Whether you're accessing it from a desktop or smartphone, SVAR Gantt adjusts its layout and behavior to ensure optimal functionality.

Even more benefits of Vue Gantt Chart

Intuitive task management

Tasks and their dependencies can be changed right on the timeline with a simple drag-and-drop feature. An intuitive edit form, activated by double-clicking on the task, allows users to easily change task details: name, description, deadline, dependencies, resources.

Intuitive task management

Task dependencies and sub-tasks

With SVAR Gantt's interactive interface, you can conveniently define task connections directly on the timeline or in the task edit form, specifying the task's predecessors and successors. In addition, SVAR Gantt supports the creation of sub tasks, enabling you to organize tasks in a hierarchical structure.

Task dependencies and sub-tasks

The power of localization

Seamlessly adapt the interface of Gantt chart to meet the language requirements of your project. You have the flexibility to customize various elements within the interface. Translate actions (edit, delete), button labels, confirmations, task form fields, and context menu items.

The power of localization

Convenient toolbar and context menu

The intuitive toolbar provides an easy way for task management. Add, delete, rearrange, and edit tasks effortlessly. Additionally, the context menu ensures that you have comprehensive control over your project's tasks on the timeline.

Convenient toolbar and context menu

Project planning optimization

Improve project planning and task organization with the ability to highlight holidays, weekends, and non-working hours. SVAR Gantt also allows adding marks to your timeline, providing visual cues to project start or end days and any other important dates.

Project planning optimization

Customizing Gantt chart interface

There are 3 distinct skins available, including Material design and dark skin. You can assign different colors to task bars based on their types or priorities. This allows for easy visual identification, such as highlighting urgent tasks in red or using specific colors to represent different task categories.

Customizing Gantt chart interface

UI concept for the Vue Gantt Chart


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