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Created entirely with Vue, our SVAR Calendar component offers smooth integration of an interactive event calendar to your web app.

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Vue Calendar Library You Need

We are happy to offer high-performing and customizable Vue UI components. We plan to release this calendar component in the near future so you will be able to add a modern, feature rich scheduler to your Vue-based app very soon.

UI concept for our Vue Calendar


Vue Calendar Features

Easy to integrate

The process of adding SVAR Calendar to your Vue app takes a few minutes. Get a free trial version from npm to get started quickly and explore its functionality right away. Integrate it into any browser-based solution with any server-side backend.

Extensive learning resources

Read the user guide and well-thought, detailed documentation on how to use and set the event calendar, how to interact with it and learn about all its features. Our fast and helpful professional support team will help you all the way through.

Customizable design

SVAR Vue Calendar's appearance can be customized to your preferences, including the colors, texts, timescale and date header designs. You can also adjust the parameters of the rows according to the number and quantity of events.

Adjustable popup editor

The pop-up form for editing event details can be customized to contain custom fields and meet the exact needs of your project. You can mark particular dates or date ranges with custom styles.

Different calendar views

SVAR Vue Calendar features a detailed view of events and appointments for a particular day, week, or month and offers a variety of display options. The start and end of the workday can be set, along with your desired time format.

Easy event editing

In SVAR Calendar you can easily modify the events to suit your specific requirements. The calendar interactive interface lets you drag and drop the event boxes, as well as resize them, delete, and choose a color from a color board.


The action names, display mode labels, form fields and control labels, and button labels can all be customized. Switch between languages quickly and easily and tailor the event calendar's display to suit different regions or user preferences.

The Essential Ingredients of a Web Based Event Calendar

Easy-customizable look and feel

SVAR Vue Calendar offers a wide range of customization and extension possibilities. Changes to the date format, language, and other configuration variables are all simple to make using the API.

Easy-customizable look and feel

Ready for backend integration

Our SVAR Calendar is written purely with Vue in mind so it functions well with any back-end technology. It comes with a simple and intuitive API for server-side implementation.

Ready for backend integration

Help is here. Choose the most suitable option and let us make your journey with SVAR components even more seamless.

Fast technical support via email for customers and trial users
Free Community Forum moderated by Support team as well
All-covered documentation and tutorials

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