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React ToDo List

SVAR ToDo List is designed to seamlessly integrate a fully-functional ToDo list interface into your web app. Written natively in React.

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React ToDo List Component You Need

We are happy to offer lighting-fast, easy-to-use React UI components. We plan to release our React ToDo List widget in the near future so you will be able to add a powerful task management tool to your web application.

UI concept for our React ToDo List


React ToDo List Features

Organize projects and tasks

You can create and manage tasks within multiple projects. Link tasks to each other to see the entire dependency structure. Our React ToDo List can calculate the number of completed subtasks and show the percentage of task progress.

Define tasks in details

SVAR ToDo List allows you to assign task participants, add due dates, set deadlines and add hashtags for easier navigation. You can also assign tasks to specific team members and count subtasks to see your team's workload.

Quickly find the task

If you have a big number of tasks in the ToDo List, use different filters to find the task. Filter tasks by the criteria you set, including due dates, tags, assigned participants, and other custom filters.

Use on touch devices

Thanks to touch support, our React ToDo List allows you to create a responsive checklist with unlimited projects and tasks, which works smoothly on touchscreen devices. Enjoy seamless ToDo List functionality on any device and with any browser.

Other Advantages of Our React ToDo List

Keyboard shortcuts

SVAR React ToDo List supports multiple keyboard shortcuts to streamline task list navigation, enabling swift movement, creation, editing, duplication, copying, and pasting of tasks and subtasks.

Keyboard shortcuts

Integration with SVAR components

Effortlessly integrate our ToDo List component with other SVAR React components, including Calendar, Gantt Chart, etc. and build complex workflow management apps.

Integration with SVAR components

Help is here. Choose the most suitable option and let us make your journey with SVAR components even more seamless.

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