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SVAR Core -
React UI Library

Looking to build sleek and intuitive user interfaces? SVAR Core offers a comprehensive collection of ready-made React UI components, with a modern aesthetic and fast performance!

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We are happy to introduce SVAR Core React library! Its customizable UI components allow you to create interactive, responsive and high-performance web apps with ease. Use it for free and get help from our support team, if needed.

Why Choose Our React UI Library?

Easy to use
With well-crafted documentation, detailed guides and API references, you can start building comprehensive UIs with SVAR React Core in a matter of minutes. Community forum and our support team are also at your hand.
Responsive and touch-friendly
We've designed SVAR Core UI components with responsive principles in mind, guaranteeing an excellent user experience across all devices, including seamless interactions on touch screens.
Light and dark skins
SVAR Core library provides both light and dark skins, each boasting a clean and visually appealing design. If you need further customization, you can adjust the appearance of the components using CSS.
Completely customizable
Our React Core UI library offers flexibility and adaptability, granting you complete control over their look and feel. Use the default skins or adjust them to your design needs.
Blazing fast
Our React UI library is finely optimized for smooth performance across applications of any scale. All SVAR components guarantee exceptional rendering speed and seamless scrolling, free from any interruptions.

The preview of SVAR Core library for React


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