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SVAR Core -
Vue UI Library

Say goodbye to clunky and outdated web interfaces with SVAR Core for Vue. It will provide everything you need to create beautiful, responsive UIs - all available for free under the permissive MIT license.

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Very soon we will be excited to offer essential Vue components that are ready-to-use and designed to create fast and visually appealing apps. You can use them entirely for free, and if you need any professional support, we are here to help.

All you get with SVAR Core for Vue

Fresh and clean UI

Design with no efforts stunning user interfaces with SVAR Core for Vue! Its adaptable components offer full control over appearance and behavior, empowering you to create top-notch web apps. Every component is crafted using adaptive design principles to ensure optimal performance across devices.

Fresh and clean UI

Modern design

Out of the box, Vue Core components boast three sleek skins: Material, Willow, and Dark, all without requiring extra tweaks. You have the option to leverage default templates or personalize colors, icons, buttons, and other features to fulfill your application requirements.

Modern design

Fast performance

Our Vue UI library is finely tuned for rapid performance. The Vue Core delivers top-notch rendering speed, ensuring buttery-smooth scrolling without interruptions. This means crafting superior applications in less time, streamlining the entire software development process for faster results.

Fast performance

Here's how our Vue UI library will look like


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