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Vue Pivot Table

Effortlessly integrate a robust and high-performing pivot table functionality with SVAR Vue Pivot.

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SVAR Pivot Table Coming Soon

We are happy to offer blazing fast, easy-to-customize Vue UI components. We plan to release SVAR Pivot in the near future so you will be able to add a powerful data analysis tool to your web interface with ease.

UI concept for SVAR Vue Pivot


Vue Pivot Table You Need

High-speed performance

Large data sets can be processed seamlessly by our SVAR Vue Pivot table, which makes it indispensable for business apps that need to manage tens of thousands of records. Fast rendering of large amounts of data works in all web browsers.

JSON support

Our Vue Pivot table supports data loading in the JSON format, making it simple to add data to your table. You can easily extract useful information and organize, summarize, and compare complex data from huge data sets.

Customizable look and feel

The Pivot's look can be completely modified. Table arrangement can be customized in every way to meet your needs. You have access to a variety of features that can be used to immediately change the appearance and behavior of your table.

Easy data export

You can export the pivot grid as an Excel file with our online export service or using your own export module. The exported documents will retain the styles and templates you've applied to the SVAR Vue Pivot table.

The Essential Ingredients of an Advanced Pivot Table

Predefined and custom operations

SVAR Vue Pivot table is quite flexible. There are predefined types of data operations (sum, max, min, and count) and you can also add your own operations to it. The resulting values of operations are shown at the footer.

Predefined and custom operations

Sort and filter table data

You can use filters to limit or broaden your data search and display only the necessary data. This can be done using either predefined filters or dynamic UI elements. Clicking on the row's header toggles sorting icons, allowing users to sort data in ascending or descending order.

Sort and filter table data

Localization feature

Web pivot tables can be fully localized for end users with the help of related script API. The necessary language will be used to display each element. The money symbols also will be changed accurately to match the localization you choose.

Localization feature

Customizable report templates

We offer pre-built report structures for you. The report's min and max values can be easily highlighted by changing the color of the cells. Plus, you can include any custom content, such as checkboxes and other components, for better visualization.

Customizable report templates

Help is here. Choose the most suitable option and let us make your journey with SVAR components even more seamless.

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